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Since : May 25, 1998
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A short story of south fighting fish



















Welcome to the world of Plakat Thai




About me
Back in the year 1965, I was like most Thai children, I enjoyed running around,... and catching fish from the flood lands. But the most exciting fish of all was the wild Betta or “Plakat Thung”... (First uploaded May25,1998)

An Introduction to Plakat Thai
The purpose of this article is to give a short introduction on the Siamese fighting fish but I rather prefer to call "Plakat Thai"... (First uploaded June 26, 2008)

The story of Plakat Thai (premier)
This article is about an ethnic group of people living in South East Asia (SEA). These people are the farmers who invented the fighting fish... (First uploaded March 01,2012)

The story of Plakat Thai I
The purpose of this page is to represent the extremely old Thai tradition of rearing and keeping Betta splendens, better known as Siamese fighting fish...
(First uploaded May 25, 1998)

The story of Plakat Thai II (Hybrid)
There is another Siamese Fighting Fish strain that exists between the wild caught Betta and the captive-bred species called hybrid-fighting fish. In Thai we call them: “Pla Sung Ka See”... (First uploaded November 01, 2002)

The story of Plakat Thai III (Expansion)
This article tells the story of an expansion of fighting fish. Fighting fish is actually a pool of wealth for keeping the treasure of Asian culture heritage... (First uploaded February 28, 2008)

A short story of south fighting fish
The southern part of Thailand is the hottest battle field of fish fighting; the players also play an important role as a connecting bridge exchanging fighters stock between Thai and Malaysian breeders.
(First uploaded December 29, 2015)

A story of Betta smaragdina
The northeast part of Thailand favors Betta smaragdina, these breeders preserve the tradition of fish fighting as a joyous after - work activity...
(First uploaded May 25, 2001)

A story of Betta smaragdina II
"Guitar" or in short "Tar" is a unique strain of Betta smaragdina that difference from the popular ordinary Betta smaragdina... the most charming of Guitar is the long pelvic fin that shaking when it is flaring...
(First  uploaded October 15, 2005)

The story of the fighting fish society
Understanding people behavior and relationship in the fighting fish society would help other people outside the society understand its unique aspect which is one unit of the whole society...
(First uploaded November 01, 2003)

A short story of Vietnamese fighter
I traveled to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from the 22-25th of March 2002. The purpose of this trip was to explore my knowledge of Siamese fighting-fish being developed outside...
(First uploaded June 15, 2002)

A short story of Hong Kong fighter
What I know from visited Hong Kong this time is that. A fighter can very well show off from agriculture playground to building meeting club society.  This is one more development phase in fighting fish... (First uploaded December 27, 2009)

A Short Story of The Indonesian Fighter
Indonesian players called short fin fighters “Katong”, which preserved the original word equivalent to “fighting fish” or “Plakat” in Thai, "Ca Choi" in Vietnamese, "Ta Yuw” in Cantonese...(First uploaded October 16, 2012)

A Short Story of The Cambodian Fighter
Captive Betta Splendens fighting fish in Khmer language call “Bonkat Trei Chol Khmer” or “the captive fighting fish of Khmer”, and call wild fighting fish “Trei Krem Prey Khmer”...
(First uploaded July 10, 2013)

A Short Story of The Philippines Fighter
The Philippines fighting fish story is a good paradigm to give a picture of how the story of fighting fish started in the modern time, in the country has no background in fighting wild Betta before.
(First uploaded December 10, 2013)

Dr. Smith and Plakat Thai
The principal basis for this work is the collections and observations made in Siam by the writer in the years 1923 during which he was adviser in fisheries to the Siamese Government...
(First uploaded August 15, 2000)

Knowing your fighter
There are three core components to this article that are discussed: One - is the open up the world of the Siamese fighting fish and look at it from the perspective of the fighter... (First uploaded November 01, 2004)

Knowing your fighter II
This chapter I will examine more closely on the selective fighting fish or game bred fighter, in Thai term call "Pla Kheng"...
(First uploaded April 22, 2006)

The Betta kombat
The male always shoulders the protection duties. The very nature of all living creatures is to procreate and grow as a species as much as possible...
(First uploaded August 15,2000)

The fighting fish regulation
The fighting fish regulation has been developed and using over the past 2 years,...This regulation accepted as a standard regulation using in major fighting rings in Thailand...
(First uploaded September 03, 2010)

Betta tips
Some females are really scared of the males; may be she has had a bad experience with a male... This female is NOT CONDITIONED FOR MATING...
(First uploaded May 25,1998)

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